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Sponsor or Invitation Letter

Topic: Is an invitation letter mandatory when applying for a Visa?

Answer: They are not for tourism purposes. However, if you are visiting family or friends, or need to visit Europe for business or educational reasons, obtaining an invitation letter is often required – especially for work reasons. An invitation letter is looked upon as important by visa officials as it explains the purpose of your visit, gives a specific time frame for your stay, and offers immigration officials a point of contact should they believe you might be overstaying your visa. Therefore, getting one will make it much more likely you are granted a visa.

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Available Visa Invitation Letters for the below countries:
– Australia: $550 USD
– United States of America: $350 USD
– Canada: $350 CAD
– United Kingdom: $3500 USD
– Ireland: €350
– Germany: €450
– Spain: €450
– Ukraine: €300
– Turkey: $400 USD
– Russia: $400 USD
– Japan: $800 USD
– Egypt: $100 USD
– Iran: €100
– Kazakhstan: $450 USD
– Azerbaijan: $350 USD

Required documents for visa invitation letter:
1. Scan passport (main & signature pages).
2. Scan CNIC (front & back).
3. Picture with white background.
4. Business document if having.
5. Payment slip.
6. Processing time: 7-10 days.

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