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USA promotes innovation, creativity, and independent thinking throughout its universities. International students who study and live in USA soon find that their education is challenging, fun, and rewarding. As an international student in USA, you can expect to live, grow, and learn in a young, friendly country full of opportunities. For those international students who successfully complete their degree, they will soon find that they are competitive in today’s international job market.

Colleges & Universities

On Our Panel​
In The Below Cities
  • Wichita, KS
  • Vienna, VA
  • Ephraim, UT
  • New Castle, DE
  • Maize, KS
  • Derby, KS
  • Haysville, KS

Programs & Courses

Under The Discipline
Under Graduate-Graduate-PHD
  • Post Graduate Degree
  • Under Graduate Degree
  • Under Graduate Diploma
  • Foundation Program
  • Certificate Program
  • School Program
  • ESL (English as Second Language)

Admission Requirements

Basic Requirement
  • Minimum Education: Intermediate
  • Minimum Marks: 50 %
  • With & Without IELTS
  • Study Gap: 4 Year
  • Pakistani Citizenship
  • Passport
  • Choose Program

Study in United States


A young experiment with democracy and a shared national love for fried food, the United States has a long, unique history, especially with producing some of our favorite films and television shows. Add in an enthusiastic love for baseball and (American) football, and you’d come close to arriving at the image of American culture.

The U.S. is a massive place, with each state containing its own history; and when you’re going from one side to another, it feels as if you’re going from planet to planet.

International students from all over the world look to study in the U.S.A., and travelers and explorers are often looking to find out whether Americans are as loud and silly as they are on television (spoiler: they are). Being a student, though, brings you in contact with the top-ranked and largest universities in the world, and they are ready to welcome students like you every year.

Why study in the US?

1. American universities are second to none

When you think about universities in the US, Harvard, Stanford, Yale or MIT might come to mind. But these are only the tip of the iceberg, the crème de la crème. There are over 150 American universities and colleges that earn their place in the international rankings created by Times Higher Education, TopUniversities, and others.

For those interested in academic excellency, studying in the US should be at the top of the preference list. There's something for everybody and you can enrol in any specialisation (or major) you can think of.

2. Tuition fees for anyone's budget

The higher education system in the US is notorious for high tuition fees and an even higher national student debt. Still, you'd make a mistake by thinking studying at an American university is always expensive.

With a simple search on our portals, you'll discover thousands of affordable courses, with annual tuition fees of 5,000 USD or less. At the opposite end, you can find study programmes at Ivy League universities that easily jump over 50,000 USD/year.

3. Academic flexibility

The flexibility students enjoy in America isn't common in many other countries. In most cases, you don't need to declare a major until the second year of study; keep in mind numerous undergraduate degrees (Bachelors) take 4 years to complete.

What does it mean? It means you can try out various subjects and classes, see what interests you, learn what you don't want to focus on, and only then make a decision.

4. Unique student life and on-campus experiences

Although most Hollywood movies exaggerate things to make us laugh, don't think there isn't some truth behind the on-campus student life, which can be described anywhere from vibrant to wild or even over-the-top.

If parties aren't your thing, don't worry. You can always take up sports, enroll in clubs (e.g. drama, music) or volunteer and support a cause that's meaningful to you.

5. Travel and explore amazing sights and tourist attractions

While living and studying in the US, you'll be presented with the opportunity to see some of the most impressive and beautiful natural and man-made attractions in the world.

From the Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon, from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, from the Mount Rushmore National Memorial to Alcatraz Island — these and many other unique sights and structures are ready to leave you speechless.

What is it like to study in the U.S.?

The American university system is known for being quite casual, and students at the university level are given quite a level of flexibility with regard to attendance, course requirements, and assignments.

However, students still have to abide by the classroom rules set by their individual instructors, and understand what the expectations are for each course.

Generally, courses are discussion-based, seminar style classes, where it’s a smaller group of students debating or questioning different topics. You’ll also find the normal lecture-style classes, especially for topics that have a lot of students (Computer Science, Medicine, Business, etc.). The way courses are structured really depend upon the content or the subject being taught.

What to study in the United States?

All over the U.S., universities offer a lot of topics and degree programmes that you can choose from. Some of the biggest names, at the biggest Ivy League schools, teach programmes in the subject you’re most interested in. Here are some of the subjects you can consider:

  • Study Biotechnology in the U.S. 
  • Study Entrepreneurship in the U.S. 
  • Study Health Management in the U.S. 
  • Study for an MBA in the U.S. 
  • Study International Relations in the U.S. 

Major cities in the U.S.

In every major city in the U.S., you’ll find a large, diverse community of people that live nearby the university of your dreams. Take a look at some of the big cities to choose from:

  • Study in Chicago 
  • Study in New York City 
  • Study in Los Angeles 
  • Study in Boston 
  • Study in San Francisco 
  • Study in Atlanta 
  • Study in Seattle 
  • Study in Tampa 
  • Study in Miami 
  • Study in Charlotte 
  • Study in Minneapolis 

Which universities to attend in the U.S.

Although the Ivy League universities, plus Stanford and M.I.T., are all major, world-renowned universities to pick from, there are literally hundreds of universities all over the country. Below we’ll run through some of the lesser-known favourites:

  • The New School
  • Columbia University
  • California State University Northridge
  • Georgia Tech
  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Louisiana State University
  • Mississippi State University

Practical Information

Each university in the U.S. has its own system on their website that allows future students to apply for and enroll in their degree programmers. So, once you select the university of your choice, you can go through their application and submit your materials there.

Here are some of the basic requirements you’ll need for every application:

  • A scan of your diploma (high school or Bachelor’s degree)
  • A transcript/record of your previous courses
  • A scan of your passport
  • Your CV
  • Testing scores
  • Evidence of scholarship or funding
  • Letters of recommendation (between 2-3)
  • Portfolio and/or writing samples

Helpful ways to make sure you qualify for an American university

Take Preparation Courses

These kinds of courses enable degree-seeking students to get an extra educational boost just before they start their Master’s degree or other post-graduate degree programmes.

Try a pre-M.B.A., pre-Law, or pre-Medicine programme, as well as any other foundation or preparation courses that will allow you to study in the degree programme of your choice.

Improve your English through an English-language prep course

If you’re attending a degree programme in the U.S., you will need to prove that your language skills are good enough to participate in the classes and understand the lectures. These courses will also prepare you for any of the English-language tests that universities require.

English-language tests

To apply to study in the U.S., you’ll need to provide proof you have a diploma for your English proficiency.

The certificates generally accepted by the universities in India are:

  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency

Still, you should always check on your university’s website, just to be sure what the exact requirements are.

  1. Documents Requirements

    1. All educational documents (DMC, Certificate, Transcript, Degrees)
    2. Complete resume (CV)
    3. SOP for degree program
    4. 2 Recommendation letters for degree programs only
    5. Passport
    6. CNIC Copy
    7. Photo

How to apply

Please follow the below steps

Step #1  Choose your Program /Course

Post Graduate Degree
Under Graduate Degree
Under Graduate Diploma
Foundation Diploma
Certificate Program
School Program (1-12 Levels)
ESL( English as Second Language)

Step #2  Collect the follow documents
1. All educational documents (DMC, Certificate, Transcript, Degrees)
2. Complete resume, SOP for degree program & 2 Recommendation letters 
3. IELTS Result 
4. Passport
5. CNIC front & back sides
6. Picture
7. Registration & DHL Fee (350 $-450 $) 
8. Procession (Our Services) Fee=50 thousands.

Step #3  Submit by hand or post/email to our below address
Peace International Consultants.
[ A Project of "Genius Education & Travel Services (Pvt) Limited]
Suit # 11, First Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 51 4853253, Cell # +92 321 5680114, Cell # +92 336 5680114
Email: ,, Website:

Step #4  We will apply for admission:-

After receiving all above documents we will apply for your admission in college/university and Meanwhile you will deposit your registration fee which depending on college & university and we will send you your I-20  within 2 -3 weeks .

Step #5  You have to deposit tuition fee:-
Some Colleges & Universities charge tuition fee before of I-20 and some after Visa, if tuition fee is in advance then you have to deposit before I-20. 

Step #5  Provide the supporting documents:-
For Visa file student/Applicant have to provide the supporting documents like,

  1. Bank Statement + Account Maintenance Letter
  2. SEVIS Fee =350 US$  ( We will arrange, but you will pay)
  3. FRC (Family Registration Certificate)
  4. Medical Report.
  5. Embassy & Biometric Fees =160 $

Step #6  Submit your Visa file in Embassy
After receiving the all supporting documents we will prepare the visa file and student will appear in embassy with these documents for interview.

Step #7  Wait for Visa Decision   
After submitting file/ documents in embassy and interview, if embassy have to grant the visa then they will keep you passport in embassy and give you time of 2 weeks for collecting with Visa. 

Colleges & Universities 

1. Wichita State University-Kansas State

2-I Global University-Annandale State

3-Delaware County Community College-Marple/Downing Town/Exton/South East

4-Snow College-Utah State                       

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