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Since its establishment in 2003, Peace International Consultants has been a premier provider of exceptional travel insurance services to both students and clients. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have earned a distinguished reputation in Rawalpindi and beyond, boasting the most extensive and well-connected network in the region.

As a testament to our expertise, we have been duly authorized as agents to issue travel insurance policies for a diverse array of visa categories, encompassing Study Visa, Visit Visa, and Work Permits. Our affiliation with various visa categories reflects our comprehensive understanding of the intricate insurance requirements associated with each type of travel.

In collaboration with United Insurance, an esteemed online insurance marketplace, we offer a seamless platform catering to the insurance needs of global travelers. Whether one is in search of medical insurance, international coverage, or different forms of national insurance, United Insurance serves as a comprehensive hub that addresses diverse insurance needs with utmost efficiency.

As the world grapples with the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for reliable and comprehensive travel insurance has never been more pronounced. United Insurance takes the lead by providing instant quotes for COVID-19 travel insurance, ensuring that travelers are equipped with the necessary coverage to navigate these uncertain times with confidence.

Furthermore, Peace International Consultants stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance in the realm of insurance. Our dedicated team offers a complete guide, addressing a spectrum of insurance-related queries and concerns. From clarifying policy specifics to illuminating the significance of COVID-19 travel insurance, we empower travelers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their coverage.

In essence, Peace International Consultants, in collaboration with United Insurance, offers more than just insurance services; we provide peace of mind. Our years of experience, expansive network, and commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging insurance needs position us as a trusted ally for anyone embarking on a journey, be it for study, leisure, or work. Your safety and security remain our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to accompanying you on your travels with unwavering support and comprehensive coverage.

For more information and to purchase insurance, please contact our team. You can reach us at contact.

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